Piano Solo is a world I am discovering gradually, but which I can no longer do without. It represents a moment of suspension in which I can rediscover intimacy and the essential.

PIANO SOLO - foto di: Ph. Roberto Cifarelli
PIANO SOLO - foto di: Ph. Roberto Cifarelli

Ph. Roberto Cifarelli

"...Virtuoso in the broadest and highest sense of the term and gifted with stunning musicality and versatility, Guidi is soaring on the wings of a rapidly advancing artistic maturation, overflowing with ideas and personality"
Paolo Russo (La Repubblica)

Me and the piano. The piano and I. This is Piano Solo, a world that I am discovering gradually, but which I can no longer do without. The piano becomes my confidant, and a companion in whom I place absolute trust and with whom I can behave with total freedom and spontaneity. Piano Solo is not just a moment of intimacy I enjoy for myself, it's also an opportunity to create a connection with the audience which has chosen to share the experience with me. This opportunity is present regardless of where the concert occurs.
I experienced this during Italy's Covid-19 lockdowns firsthand: thanks to the piano and my regular livestreams, I found a way to connect to people throughout the world. Of course it's hard to compare this to a live concert, but this was the best way I could find to maintain contact with listeners. This helped get me through a difficult moment, giving me the patience to wait until we could begin to safely share such moments again live, looking each other in the eyes and shaking hands after the concert.

This is the space in which I most freely explore my own imagination. Here, I rediscover intimacy and the essential, but also a mix of lyricism and dissonance. The expressive forms flow out of Evans, Bley, Jarrett and Tristano to generate a creative, personal language.
I alternate my own compositions with music by Brian Eno, Tom Waits, Osvaldo Farres, Leo Ferrè and the occasional jazz standard.

  • "...Giovanni Guidi on piano, a true talent, with a fresh surprise at every note..." Guido Festinese (Il Manifesto)

Giovanni Guidi
  • Sala de Cámara La Usina del Arte, Buenos Aires

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