Avec Le Temps

album cover: Avec Le Temps



Featured Artists

  • Giovanni Guidi
    • Piano
  • Francesco Bearzatti
    • Tenor sax
  • Roberto Cecchetto
    • Guitar
  • Thomas Morgan
    • Double-bass
album cover: Avec Le Temps


Avec Le Temps - foto di: Ph. Clement Puig
Avec Le Temps - foto di: Ph. Clement Puig

Ph. Clement Puig

I think of Avec le Temps as a record of songs. Obviously, there is Leo Ferre's song, which gives its name to the record. But all the other pieces were imagined as attempts to write songs without words. This was possible thanks to inspiration I felt at the prospect of writing for such a magnificent group of artists: besides my trio with Thomas Morgan and João Lobo, we are joined by Francesco Bearzatti and Roberto Cecchetto.

This record means a lot to me because it represents a precise moment in my own life, a difficult period marked by profound change. My writing was an attempt to represent that desire for change and the pain that inevitably accompanies it, but also my undeniable urge to resist that change. This is why I sought the power and beauty of the song, whose tiniest details can evoke glimpses from our past, moving powerful sentiments deep within us.



  1. 1 Avec Le Temps
    ( Leo Ferrè )
  2. 2 15th Of August
    ( Giovanni Guidi )
  3. 3 Postludium And A Kiss
    ( Giovanni Guidi )
  4. 4 No Taxi
    ( Giovanni Guidi )
  5. 5 Caino
    ( Giovanni Guidi )
  6. 6 Johnny The Liar
    ( Giovanni Guidi )
  7. 7 Ti Stimo
    ( Giovanni Guidi )
  8. 8 Tomasz
    ( Giovanni Guidi )



  • Avec le temps official video

Delicately balancing influences from classical music and atmospheric ballads with a sprinkling of free jazz, call this meditation music if you like, but it will make your heart race too. Filled with breathtaking shifts of mood, just when you think you have it figured out, the winds change, and you find yourself searching for your bearings in a new and unexpected place. Of course, the merit for this does not lie exclusively in Guidi's hands: indeed, all the musicians involved are capable of seizing your attention with undeniable urgency when you least expect it. Listened to in its entirety, Avec Le Temps leaves you without words, open-mouthed in wonder, like watching the ocean. Kerouac described how, on first glance, it may seem eternal, unchanging. But if you look carefully, it hypnotizes you as though you were seeing it in each moment for the first time. This is music like Kerouac's Ocean. (Alessandro Manitto, Musica Jazz)

Guidi is one of ECM's more compelling pianists; on ‘Avec le Temps’ his dedication to lyricism is weighted in equal portion with his inquisitive, restless will to improvise as he's ably supported by his sidemen.
Thom Jurek, All Music

Pianist Giovanni Guidi’s ‘Avec Le Temps’ opens with a penetrating take on the title cut, a somber French chanson by composer/lyricist Léo Ferré. But Guidi’s touch on the keys is so light, and his interplay with bassist Thomas Morgan and drummer João Lobo so thoughtful, that a quiet optimism  subsumes the tone’s doleful message.(‘In time, all love fades.’) By opening with such a known song, the only non-original here, Guidi establishes melodic sensibility as the album’s precedent. […] Like the album opener, the last tune here tugs at the heart. ‘Tomasz’, an homage to Stánko, who passed away in July 2018 at age 76, features the trio in an affecting melodic contemplation with an extended outro. The tune, a reluctant goodbye to an honored musician, seems to have trouble concluding. In in time all love fades, for Guidi that time hasn’t yet come.
Suzanne Lorge, Downbeat

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