Amore Bello

album cover: Amore Bello


Musica Jazz

Featured Artists

  • Giovanni Guidi
    • Piano
  • Luca Aquino
    • Trumpet
album cover: Amore Bello


Amore Bello is actually a very simple record. It's a record of songs like Amore Bello, Over the Rainbow, and What a Wonderful World. These are famous songs, songs we all know, and that Luca and I play in the simplest way possible, almost never abandoning the notes of the melody, focused on singing through our instruments.
Amore Bello is a record about love: those in love, those searching for love, those suffering for love and those mourning love's end. It speaks about the meaning of life: that unexpected meeting, the courage to abandon ourselves to one another, passing through each other to then gaze into each other's eyes, as the piano chases the fleeting lines of the trumpet until it finally finds peace, cushioned by soft chords.
Luca is one of the purest and most sincere souls I've encountered in music, and playing with him is truly an honor. I am so happy to have found another jazz musician who shares my love for playing beautiful pop songs in the simplest possible way.


  1. 1 Over The Rainbow
    ( Harold Arlen, E.Y. Harburg )
  2. 2 Amore bello
    ( Antonio Coggio, Claudio Baglioni )
  3. 3 Un giorno dopo l’altro
    ( Luigi Tenco )
  4. 4 Scà
    ( Luca Aquino/ Giovanni Guidi )
  5. 5 What a wonderful world
    ( George Douglas/George David Weiss )
  6. 6 Dedalo
    ( Luca Aquino/Giovanni Guidi )
  7. 7 Buh!
    ( Luca Aquino/Giovanni Guidi )
  8. 8 I fall in love too easily
    ( Jule Styne,Sammy Cahn) )
  9. 9 Beh?
    ( Luca Aquino/Giovanni Guidi )
  • Pozzuoli Jazz Festival 2020 - Luca Aquino e Giovanni Guidi DUO (Anfiteatro Flavio, 25/07/20)

from an interview with Musica Jazz

There's no denying that Baglioni's music shines in such an intimate instrumental setting.
Luca Aquino: We tried it at Casa del Jazz and we were really happy with the result. Of course, it's pretty complicated to play Italian pop songs with a jazz approach. This is because there is such a strong emphasis on the melody, and they are so well known and loved that they almost become 'fossilized' in the minds of the audience, making it very difficult to approach them in a personal way. I think its important to respect the original melody, and to try to play them as though we are singers, in a certain sense. Then of course we can go in any direction we want improvisationally, whether that be on the song's structure or completely free. In my opinion, it's much more difficult to play Italian classic songs than it is to play songs from the Great American Songbook.

Giovanni Guidi: I really enjoy improvising when the music has such a strong melodic identity.

Does the record satisfy your expectations, now that it's done?
Luca Aquino: Definitely. I'm really happy with the record, because I wanted to make something that felt connected to the present moment. It was also really nice to just record directly, with no editing or anything.

Giovanni Guidi: I think we went beyond what we had expected. But to be perfectly honest, if you hadn't asked me this question, I would probably not have thought about having any expectations at all, and this applies to almost everything I do.

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